Have full control of payroll, while maintaining automation.

Generate payroll in just a few clicks

Say goodbye to spreadsheets that usually takes days to complete. With TsekPay, in just a few minutes, your team gets paid!

Hassle-free adjustments

Overtime pay, holiday pay, late and absent attendance? These are just some of the tweaks that complicate the payroll process. Our system enables you to manage these per employee.

TsekPay on-the-go

Employees can view their payslips online, in or out of the office, anytime.

Grow your business and leave the payroll to us.

Tax and remittance reports at your fingertips

Have your taxes handled at no extra cost. We automatically calculate and file tax withholdings, government remittances, and reports.

Accurate Automatic Annualization

Forget repetitive and tedious manual arithmetic to ensure your educated guesses are correct. TsekPay is the solution to overcome the final hurdle of the year!

Bank text upload

View your employees' net pay per pay period at a glance. Simple and clean.

All-inclusive last pay

If an employee is on his way out of the company, there's no need to manually compute for his last pay. We automatically generate a consolidated final pay.

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